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Some of the many projects Jon has undertaken

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Bark Containers - mostly birch bark, Arrow quiver is ash bark - Any stitching is done with Spruce root or retted Lime bark fibres.

 Wicker baskets, coil baskets, twined Sedge bags and large fish trap.
(Large water container coil basket waterproofed with lining of spruce resin mixture.)


Utensils carved from Sycamore and Birch wood. Tools used - Hatchet, knife, crook knife & pruning saw.
'Two man kennel' - Dead wood shelter - Self supporting structure
Jon with his traditional hand crafted skis - Ash wood,  steam bent to shape, Swedish style carved ends, treated with Pine tar and beeswax.
Longbows- Ash and Elm wood.
left: Gill net- Lime bark cordage, Lime wood floats and sand stone sinkers
Right: Landing net- Hazel shaft, Dogwood hoop, Lime bark cordage.
(All hand made cordage)
Large Mortar and Pestle for primitive seed/ food processing
Bow Drill and hand drill fire lighting

One of my Skin on frame canoes  - Canadian Style - All hand crafted. Ash gunnels, Hazel Ribs, canvas covering. Hand caned seats. Hand carved paddle

Build-along pictorial: Click here

Snow shoes: As an experiment I laced these with Lime and Willow bark cordage. The frames are Ash wood steam bent to shape. Field tested in Norway. The result of the experiment was that the bark fibres are very strong, but do show serious sings of wear after a relatively short time. I have since re-laced with rawhide.
Fishing spears
Processing gathered edible seeds. Hand crafted equipment
Shave Horse - crafted from logs - Main beam from Alder wood, other parts are Ash
Relief wood carvings - Red Oak leaf and 'Green Man'
Elder wood wand with pyrography decoration
(Inspired by Harry Potter)

Above bird feeders are projects which feature in my book:
Willow Craft 10 Bird Feeder Projects