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Making Fire Using
The Hand Drill Method



"Being able to take just two sticks from the wild and use them to make fire brings you closer to nature; the raw elements of the Earth and your ancestral
spirit within."

Having trouble mastering the technique? Or want to learn this amazing skill from scratch?  Then this in-depth guide if for you.

  • Detailed information of suitable wood choices.

  • detailed Step by step guidance.

  • Techniques discussed and tips given throughout.

  • In-depth knowledge from years of experience.

  • Packed with inspirational photos.

  • All you need to know for success with this amazing skill.

    Length: 13 pages

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Review 1 by: Andy Boe Rating given:
"I  stumbled across Jon Ridgeon's E-book on Hand drill fire by accident, and being an avid student of the subject decided to buy it. Of course the decision was greatly helped by the fact that it is only the price of a good coffee these days!

The book is 6 pages packed with original photos and text describing the method in great detail. It is refreshing to find an original text on a technique which is considered by many to be the pinnacle of bushcraft skills.

This e-book would be an excellent first port of call for the intrepid hand drill student!"