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Carving a Bushcraft Comb


  Split a slither of wood from a block. The grain should run perfectly straight and vertical so that the teeth of the comb will be in line with the grain. I have chosen Ash wood because it is strong and durable, most hardwoods would be fine, in particular I think Elm or Yew would work well too. When the wood seasons it will become harder and stronger.

Note: Using a slither of wood from the side of the log (parallel to the bark) would have made the comb even stronger. The growth rings would have been more parallel with comb giving it strength horizontally too.



This pocket knife turned out to be a handy tool for this carving job since the blades are smaller and easier to use for the intricate work. It also has a reamer for drilling holes which you'll see is quite useful.

  Carve the sides of the comb blank smooth and straight.  
  I also rounded the top two corners.   Draw a straight line across the wood as a guide to where the top of the teeth will start.

My technique was to then make a small hole in the centre with a reamer (alternatively you could use a drill-bit, an awl, or perhaps the tip of your knife if you're careful)

  I then carved out a thin line of wood between the hole and the bottom of the comb.  
  More holes and slots are carved to form the individual teeth.    
This takes some time but is a satisfying job. Finally Round each tooth off on the sides and point the bottom slightly.


The finished comb


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