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Making a Large Fishing Hook
Using a Thorn


  Carve a small piece of wood to the shape shown in the photo
  Find suitable thorns, in this example I used Black Thorn thorns. The sharper the better. Be careful not to blunten the sharp tip of the thorns because this makes the hook so much more effective.
  I scraped the thin bark layer off my thorn but this is not necessary. You can see how the tree has allowed the tip of the thorn to die so that it is harder and sharper on the end.

The thorn in this picture is not attached to the wood...but you could stick it to the wood with a very small amount of Pine resin or other glue to make binding the thorn less fiddly

  Make a length of very thin cordage or you can just use a plain length of some kind of strong fibre.
  Put the thorn through the eye on the end of the cordage.

Hopefully the following pictures explain themselves and show how to bind the thorn to the wood.

continue wrapping the string around the stem of the hook and then to finish it off pass the end underneath the last couple of wraps and pull tight

  Finished hook... It would have been better to carve the top of the hook so that it is easier to attach the line.

Have fun!