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Got a dream? Be true to yourself, make it real! Blog post -

“What is my dream?”, I asked myself that question several years ago. My answer was: To live in a beautiful place with nature surrounding me (I visualised a cabin in the forest), and through a combination of ‘hunter gatherer’ skills and vegetable growing, I dreamt of being as self-sufficient as possible.

Of course, the dream was all about what I like and find interesting most of all. Basically, I was dreaming about being true to myself, to follow what I REALLY WANTED. Not some ‘second best prize’ of a job that didn’t totally fit the bill.

Now then, near my past home in the UK, there is a big old oak tree that stands in beautiful parkland. That tree is so old and wise; you can feel its presence. On one of my daily walks, thinking deep about life, incidentally passing by the oak tree, I realised how precious and important my dreams were, “I must NEVER forget them” I thought. So I held a branch of the tree and asked it to remind me to always be true to myself, and make sure I never forget! This was my way of ensuring that what was so precious to me would never be forgotten, and when making choices in life about opportunities and ‘whatever’, the tree which I passed just about every day would remind me. And the tree did remind me… In a way, the tree became a living symbol for what is truly important for me in life.

From then on, it was too hard to betray my dreams; I couldn’t go back on what the wise old oak was whispering back to me. I was going to peruse what I wanted and never give in…

So with my dreams set in stone, this was to influence all the twists and turns and decision making of my life in the proceeding years. One thing I have come to realise is that once a decision like this is made and you visualise it, and want it without doubt, then the channels of the universe will align to make your dream happen. It sounds crazy, but this has been confirmed to me many times now.

So after a lot of ‘stuff’ happening since dreaming that dream, guess where I am now, writing this blog post… I’m sitting in my cabin in Norway, surrounded by forest and beautiful nature; mountains; lakes; bird song; and a river running by. I’m just about to head outside and cook dinner on the campfire, eating fish I caught in the lake, wild greens I foraged, and vegetables I have grown. So, you dream a dream, make a concrete decision that it’s what you want, and then act. Do this and your reality WILL transform. Great gifts await…

I hope this inspires you to dream too.


The wise old oak

Spring time this year. Caught these trout with my friend Torjus Gaaren. Note, it is perfectly healthy and even beneficial for the fish population to catch this many fish in my area. Fish were shared with the local community.


My prepared veg patch this spring. On a friend's land; there are always options to get what you need...


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